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a word from doretta:


a lot can happen when

i pick up my pen

and imagine...

I paint narrative, acrylic and collage images on board that are whimsical and playful. The work I create is woven into my lifestyle, which is filled with stories and possibility. Just as the work is created within my family living space, so the images depict life in its familiar but poetic narrative.

august 2012 021.JPG

Compositionally much of my work is slightly off kilter, a feeling of movement and charming energy exists. An atmosphere of an event is captured with this moving composition and luminous colour whichviewers identify with. They somehow see their vision of possibility represented.

cardz 1.JPG

The valley in which I live and explore has exceptional light and colour. My artwork also plays with this light and colour and holds both warmth and a spark. The paintings are lyrical, the subjects enchanted and familiar, the colours rich.

This is my intent.


Text within my picture books often captures an overall idea about a
subject with which I am interested. The feeling of inclusion and the
capacity for creating conversations is present. Diversity is
visually communicated and poetry

is felt as much as it is read.

Moments are suspended.

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