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commission a
work of art!

Thank you for your interest in commissioning a painting. Lots of people do this!

For weddings, anniversaries, retirements, birthdays, Christmas, Easter, graduations,

births, journeys and valentines…


Here is some helpful information.

Questions to think about when coming up with a ‘story’ for your artwork are:

Do you want the scene to be

  • Outside or inside

  • Day or night with a moon

  • Lyrical or narrative, enchanted or grounded

  • Horizontal or Vertical

  • Depicting persons you know or an idea of a place or an activity you would like to see...

2012 compile art-010.JPG

i have painted...

families reading books in trees, singing on boats, lounging on hay wheels,

floating with books above meadows,

having picnics on beaches, hiking on the coast, camping, waving from windows in quirky houses,

reading on the backs of horses,

flying in hot air balloons, lounging in hammocks,

hugging birds in flight, eating pastries in bed, chasing fireflies, flying kites, all reading in bed,

family feasts, making sandcastles,

dancing atop rooftops, floating in tire tubes, circled around bonfires, fishing

...and so on and so on

We can communicate back and forth until we secure an idea that we are both comfortable with.  At times I will request photos to be emailed, although my work is not realistic sometimes images can give me an impression.

In general, my work is playful, colourful and reminds clients of people they know, and places imagined or real.  The work is simple and whimsical, and not too specific.. although I can include some specific personal details or symbols at the clients request if it works within the visual story.

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