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Stories seem to follow doretta wherever she goes; they chase her bicycle, appear under rocks, pour out of a teapot and fall from the sky. She loves to look at pictures and make paintings of things she dreams about doing, or of events that she finds enchanted, cosy or whimsical. 


Sometimes doretta can’t tell what comes first,

her pictures or her words. When doretta shares her work with classrooms, it is usually a bright and creative adventure.  She has travelled and have lived in different places and these stories usually creep into her classroom visits.  Doretta often brings in objects and paintings and has a lot of fun sharing all the stuff behind the making of each book.  Mostly doretta can inspire kids to feel that absolutely they have stories to tell and this can happen in words, pictures or both.

doretta has worked as an art teacher/ presenter and writer in the schools for over a decade. She has presented with TD book week, MASC Ottawa, Writers in the Schools Program, Paints Nova Scotia, Arts Infusion, and as a substitute at her local and favourite school…

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